You can find a list of restaurants, their menus, and contact info on myPortal. However, below are some of my favorites.

  • The Shacks! Some people say they have gotten the “Shack Attack” but I haven’t yet (knock on wood). It’s the best deal of food around and I tend to eat there for breakfast and lunch.
  • Mangoes (Indian)
  • Champs (Thursdays is $5ec taco night! Friday’s is fine dining and it’s really good quality food for about the same price you would pay in the U.S.)
  • Bad Habit (only open 2/week, Mexican)
  • Pic n’ Go (I like their bagels)
  • Chinese: Tulips, Hope (pricer end but the food is good), the place right in front of Sunshine, Jack’s Chinese
  • Le Petit (good breakfast, sandwiches, salads, and pizza)
  • The Usual Spot (it’s my favorite place for pizza)
  • Shwarma King (I surprisingly like their pizza and it’s a good deal)
  • Alex’s Schwarma
  • Katheryn’s (their burgers are good)
  • Aunty Grace’s (the owners are sooo cute and adorable and it’s my favorite breakfast spot)
  • Che’s Ice Cream (such good ice cream!)

For more restaurants, their phone numbers, and menus, please take a look at the helpful documents listed in my “Life in Dominica” section