Below are my opinions on some of the resources I’ve used.

Dr. Najeeb Videos

His videos are amazing! They are free and can be found on YouTube. He is a fantastic teacher and repeats his concepts over and over. The only downside is that they are very long. It helps to watch them on faster speed like 1.5 – 2. I decided to watch his videos for things I need more explanations for. The other times I use Boards and Beyond.

Boards and Beyond

This is a subscription; however, you can email customer service and they’ll give you a 7 day trial! Then if you want to subscribe after the 7 days, they’ll even give you a discount code so that it’s a little cheaper for the 1 year subscription. A lot of my friends LOVE his videos and so far I can see why. They are very succinct so it’s a lot shorter than the Najeeb videos. It’s a good resource to make sure you understand the concepts you’re learning in class and explained in a different manner. I also like that it correlates with First Aid. He gives the page numbers to what each lecture correlates to. I also listen to the videos on 1.5 speed.