Phone Service

There are a few options people use on the island. I currently have an iPhone so I put my phone on airplane mode with wifi on and then use wifi calling for U.S. calls. I use iMessage and WhatsApp for texting. I also use FaceTime audio and video to talk to family and friends. This is all at no extra cost for me. To call local businesses here that don’t have WhatsApp, I use Google Voice. I just put money on there and it costs about $0.16 or $0.19/minute to call a local Dominican number. Since it is Google Voice, it requires a wifi connection. I never really have an issue with having wifi since campus and most restaurants/businesses have wifi.

I also added an International Day Pass from AT&T that is $10/day for unlimited calls and texting. It’s helpful for when I’m at clinics and need to make a call since many times there is no wifi. I only activate it (by turning my phone off of airplane mode) when needed. I didn’t want to get an island phone since it’s so rare that I make outside calls anyways and it’s a hassle to have two phones. I also didn’t want to get a SIM card for my phone (even though it’s unlocked) because I like being able to keep my current phone number for iMessage and wifi calling.

Other options:

  • Purchase an island phone (many students will sell them on the Craigslist page)
  • Purchase an island sim card to put into your phone so you’ll have an island plan. The two main cell carriers here are Flow and Digicel. A Flow office is on campus.
  • If you have T-Mobile, I believe they have an international plan incorporated into it already. That is something you can look into.