For the Ladies

I remember one of the first things I thought about when I moved here was where can I go to get my hair cut, eyebrows threaded, etc?! Luckily, the places near RUSM are fantastic! And I love that I’m able to support local businesses on a regular basis.

Hair & Threading:

Nicole’s: WhatsApp = 767-285-7033

She’s trained from London and she’s wonderful for hair. She’s probably one of my favorite stylists I’ve had and I’m very surprised. I had long hair and I decided to chop it off when I got to the island (because humidity and heat is not kind to thick hair) and she made my hair look fantastic! I don’t trust many people to cut my hair, especially when I’m chopping it off!

In terms of eyebrow threading, she does a pretty good job. The person I used to go to back home was the best I’ve ever had so it’s pretty hard to find someone like her. However, I’ve always been satisfied with Nicole and I’m just happy someone here does threading!

Waxing, Manicures & Pedicures:

Body Bliss Spa: WhatsApp = 767-225-4909

I have gone here for gel manicures and pedicures because the prices are reasonable. My manicures have lasted for 2.5 weeks and possibly more but I tend to peel my nails (I know…I shouldn’t). My nails also grow pretty fast so my nail polish is just growing out but the actual polish itself lasts. The only downside is they don’t have very many gel polish colors (but they do have a variety of pink which is my favorite color!).

I do go here for my waxes and I’ve had great experiences. The ladies there are always so nice. It’s also reasonably priced. The wax they use obviously isn’t as good as back home but I’m comfortable there and it’s clean and everyone is nice which is all I can really ask for.

Also, Body Bliss always has deals/discounts so I usually try and schedule when based on when they have deals. Afterall, we’re all on that med school budget.

Advance Massage Therapy: Phone = 767-445-5707 or 767-276-7623

Lindy is the person in charge there. You can check out a blog piece on her here. I personally have not gone to her but a lot of the girls on the island love going to her for gel manicures and pedicures. She’s on the pricier end (her prices are the same as U.S.) but some people have said their gel polish last longer.

People have also enjoyed going to her for waxing but it’s also on the expensive side and I haven’t tried getting waxed here yet.