Favorite Med School Apps

Below are some of my favorite medical school/study apps. I currently take notes on a Surface Pro 4, own an iPhone and MacBook Pro.


I use it to take notes on my Surface Pro and organize all my school files (PowerPoint slides, practice questions, etc.). It can sync across devices so I can access this on my Macbook too.

If you have an iPad, many students prefer to use Notability.


A lot of students use this for memorization. It’s flashcards that you make and it helps with learning due to spaced repetition. You can visit their website here to download and read more information. I started using it recently and I found it very helpful for things that are straight memorization like drugs, IL’s, CD’s, and formulas.


Flashcards but not as powerful as Anki and doesn’t have the spaced repetition built into it.

Complete Anatomy/Essential Anatomy

The apps are offered for Apple and Windows products.


I have a digital version of Netter’s Anatomy Flashcards and imported it into Apple’s iBooks app.


A friend recommended I use this app to help with retaining information. I am better at concepts but not as good at retaining information that is more detailed. It allows you to mark concepts you’re currently learning and will give you review questions on that material. It will also give you questions based on past concepts so that you’re constantly reviewing past material as well. It builds in preparation for your STEP 1 as well. It gives nice explanations to the questions with images as well. It goes really well with the First Aid textbook.

I like the platform so far but I haven’t been spending as much time as I should be on it.

Dr. Najeeb Videos

His videos are amazing! They are free and can be found on YouTube. He is a fantastic teacher and repeats his concepts over and over. The only downside is that they are very long. It helps to watch them on faster speed like 1.5 – 2. I decided to watch his videos for things I need more explanations for. The other times I use Boards and Beyond.

Boards and Beyond

This is a subscription; however, you can email customer service and they’ll give you a 7 day trial! Then if you want to subscribe after the 7 days, they’ll even give you a discount code so that it’s a little cheaper for the 1 year subscription. A lot of my friends LOVE his videos and so far I can see why. They are very succinct so it’s a lot shorter than the Najeeb videos. It’s a good resource to make sure you understand the concepts you’re learning in class and explained in a different manner. I also like that it correlates with First Aid. He gives the page numbers to what each lecture correlates to. I also listen to the videos on 1.5 speed.

What study tools do you use? Let me know below!

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