Essentials for Med School

I was thinking the other day how my folding table is coming in clutch with studying on this ship (especially since it’s finals week). Then a few of my classmates have been asking me about my Sony noise cancelling headphones. I realized there are a few items that I purchased that has been helping me survive medical school and especially on Floating University. See below for my must-haves.

What are your must-haves for school?

OneNote on my Surface Pro: This is how I organize all my notes. I literally get stressed when OneNote doesn’t sync or if it malfunctions on me (which is rare but when it does, my Type A personality doesn’t do well in this situation).

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones: I was recommended these by two friends. I debated over these or the Bose noise cancelling ones. I went with these because of the recommendation but now that I’ve had them, I really like the touch features where you can increase the volume, play/pause, and skip forward or rewind. Not only are noise cancelling headphones great because of that feature (makes studying in crowded spaces and non-quiet study spaces so much better), but the music quality is better!

Folding Side Table: Normally would I ever need a folding side table? Definitely not, but it has come in clutch on Floating University. I bring it with me wherever I go studying. This means I can study anywhere! The possibilities are endless!

Boards and Beyond: Also was recommended this by a friend and then a lot of my classmates also recommend it. It’s helpful in that it explains the main concept so you can understand the big picture then fill in the details with what you learn in class. You can read more about it in my “Favorite Med School Apps” section.

Colored Pens – Pilot Juice Gel Pens: I’m obsessed with colored pens! These are my current obsession and what I’m using right now. I ordered them off Amazon. I love Pilot pens in general and I actually found these on someone’s study Instagram.  I also really love the Staedtler pens but I left them in Dominica during the evacuation. However, I also order those from Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Essentials for Med School

  1. Nice list! I hope you’re doing well. 🙂 Good luck with finals if you have any remaining!!

    Now that you mention pens, I need to add some more to my collection. I bought a few at Japantown a few weeks ago. Ichiban is the best place to go since it’s so affordable.


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