From One Island to Another – Living in St. Kitts

It’s strange to be living on another island. Being in St. Kitts made me realize that Dominica really was my home. I felt so comfortable there already and I was already comparing things to Dominica. But what really made me miss Dominica was when all the locals in St. Kitts would ask where I was from and my automatic response was Dominica. My friends all responded that way too. I miss the fresh juices, the Chinese food, my breakfast green smoothie parfaits, the dumplings from New City Restaurant, the prices of everything, how WiFi was everywhere, business owners using WhatsApp, being able to walk around and most of all, the people. 

However, the people here in St. Kitts has been so welcoming! It seems like the general trend is that people from the Caribbean are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! They were thrilled that we were on their island (mostly to boost their economy). A lot of the local businesses are giving RUSM students a 10% discount. All of them ask every time how we are doing and how the boat is. They have heard stories so they know it’s tough for us. They worry for us which is so sweet of them! They know we’re here to study and become physicians and that this environment isn’t the best to study in but they try to do their best to help us. I met some businesses owners and they were so cute in that they were like an uncle in that they told my friends and I the ins and outs of St. Kitts and what to be careful of. We also got the lecture of how St. Kitts is a nice island and there are a lot of things to do so we should not get distracted and stay focused on school. It was hilarious but super sweet.

Fun and interesting fact is that there is a very large population of Indians here and they own a bunch of businesses. The story behind it is that many years back, a family from India came to St. Kitts, started a business and kept opening more businesses. They then told their friends and relatives to come to the island. So those individuals came and opened up businesses and told their friends and relatives and by word of mouth, a large population immigrated, settled, and started businesses.

This island is much more developed than Dominica. You really can find anything here (although it’s very expensive). The food is also amazing and they actually have other food beside Chinese! It is a very gorgeous island but I have yet to go visit a beach. I hope that I’ll have some time to actually explore and visit this beautiful island more and who knows, maybe I’ll consider this home by the end of the semester.

Featured Photo Credit: Flickr – Roger W (image is of Port Zante which is the port we are docked at)

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