Pray for Dominica: Where to Donate

Dominica is a gorgeous little island. Although the Ross community was evacuated, the locals are left to rebuild their homes. These people welcomed all of us with open arms and are some of the kindest people I’ve met. They have such big hearts. It is my hope to help them rebuild their community. 

Below are a few fundraisers that I hope you will support by either purchasing an item and/or donating to the cause (anything helps)! Thank you!

Dominica Strong: Hurricane Maria Relief Shirt organized by RUSM Pediatric Student Association

  • I am a board member of Peds Club and every semester we organize fundraisers to raise money for the Dominica Heart Fund to give a child heart surgery and we value giving back to Dominica. This is our way to give back at this time. Plus, a close friend of mine helped design the shirt!
  • There is an option to only donate if you don’t wish to purchase a shirt
  • All proceeds will be donated to Dominica-American Relief & Development Association (DARDA) which is a 501(c)(3) organization based out of NY that was formed by Dominicans living in that area. They were first formed after Hurricane David destroyed Dominica many years back.

Salybia Mission Project Donation Campaign

  • I’m also a board member of Salybia Mission Project which is an organization that provides health care services to the Kalinago people, the last remaining indigenous community of Dominica.
  • We have contacts and local medical staff in the territory where we have been keeping in touch. We trust these individuals to make sure the money is going to the appropriate places so that the Kalinago people can rebuild their homes, get the food and the medical services they need.

Thank you for joining & supporting me as we all work together to help the people of Dominica

Featured image in this post was taken by a classmate.

Update: As of October 15, 2017, the t-shirt campaigns for DARDA has ended and we were able to raise over $2000!

Dominica Strong Fundraiser_3.png

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