Hurricane Maria in the News

Our school has been on the news since we started returning home. Here you’ll find links to various news articles, my classmate’s blog post on her perspective of the hurricane, and photos taken by classmates of the hurricane.

ABC: The island of Dominica after Hurricane Maria

ABC: Hundreds of American students stranded on the island of Dominica

NBC News: U.S. Student Reveals How He Survived Hurricane Maria on Dominica

NBC Miami: Students Arrive in South Florida After Surviving Maria

KCCI: Iowa native stranded following Hurricane Maria returns home

KXAN: Med students on Dominica when hurricane hit return to Austin

Here is a blog from a classmate that reflects on their experiences: Dominica Strong: Category 5 Hurricane Maria Destroys Our Little Island of Dominica

Here are photos from a classmate:

Dominica RUSM Post- Hurricane Maria

Dominica RUSM Hurricane Maria Album 2

Here is a video from a classmate: Hurricane Maria – Dominica

Featured image in this post was taken by a classmate.


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