Cardio & Resp Block

Earlier last week I finished our first cardiology block and we are in the middle of our first respiratory block. Ross sets it up where our first blocks for systems is focused on the normal physiology which is in our earlier semesters. Then in the later semesters, the second block of systems is based more on pathology.

I had a brief introduction to cardio in MERP and I was obsessed! I’ve never loved a subject as much as cardio. I’m still pretty obsessed with cardio. It’s so fascinating that an organ like the heart can do so much and it does it all on it’s own! With the help of other things as well but I could nerd out on it forever.

What’s fantastic about being in blocks now is we apply what we learning in the books/lectures to a clinical setting! It’s so much more fun. We were introduced to Harvey and we got to practice heart sounds. I remember I could never really distinguish between heart sounds but after practicing on Harvey and going home to listen to my own heart sounds, I was able to hear the S1 and S2 clearly and sometimes the S2 split (still working on that, it’s so hard!). Everything we were learning in class made so much more sense. Hearing those sounds I was able to apply what was going on physiologically. While I would listen, I’d imagine the pressure-volume loop or Wigger’s diagram.

Also, my  notes this semester are so much more on point! I love that there’s less notes to be made since it’s more conceptual and it’s more concept maps.

I’ve found a good study group as well. We met for an hour and reviewed most of cardio and it was a really efficient hour. We just through each lecture and reviewed the most high yield or whatever concep someone had trouble with. Then someone who understood it well taught it. It was awesome in that we each taught something. We all felt comfortable with each other and it was a great learning environment. We plan on meeting once more to finish reviewing cardio and we plan on doing 2 more sessions for respiratory as well before the exam.

Hopefully respiratory is just as fun as cardio!


Image seemed fitting since we’re in cardio. Seems pretty accurate about my life!

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