Red Rocks, Secret Beach, and Victoria Falls

We went on multiple hikes today and it was beautiful! I think I can now call myself an official hiker (jk but seriously I think I can accomplish any hike in the U.S. after hiking in Dominica). Also, a huge accomplishment for me was that I did not fall once during this trip! This is huge for me!

We started off at Red Rocks located in Calibishire which was a really easy hike. It was mostly flat but the rocks were kind of slippery. The rocks are smooth and red (as you can see from the photos) and was formed from the ocean and weather. There are also a few caves you can explore which we got to go into one. Apparently on the other side is a white sand beach but we didn’t go in that direction. The views from the rocks were gorgeous overlooking the Atlantic ocean.


Next we went to Secret Beach Falls. This was our tour guide’s favorite hike. I know in my previous post I said Boiling Lake was one of the most challenging things I’ve done, well I thought this hike was more challenging and scarier. It was also mental in a different way in that you really had to get over your fear of hikes and basically slipping and falling to your death (maybe not that extreme but it was definitely scarier for me!). This hike wasn’t physically straining but it took awhile to get to the fall. We had to literally climb down so far (I don’t even know how far down). You really couldn’t see because of the trees but we just kept going down and down. Majority of the climbing had rope so you could use the rope and find your footing and climb down backwards. But it was so scary because if you didn’t put your footing in a secure place, you could just fall. At least with Boiling Lake, there was always roots everywhere and the climbing wasn’t far distances. This hike was all climbing! At one point you had to climb down a wooden ladder that was kind of wobbly. Also, there were narrow paths when you’re walking across and you’re so high up, it’s so scary! There’s also nothing to grab on to sometimes. But when you finally make it down to the beach, it’s beautiful! It’s also on the Atlantic side. There’s a rock that is right beneath the fall and the water was shallow enough for me to go climb and feel the water fall. It was so cold but so nice. I wish I knew how to swim because it would have been nice to go into the ocean more. The Atlantic side has pretty strong waves (it’s the side people can go surfing too) so I didn’t think it was a good idea for me to go too far into the water. We hung out there for awhile before making the journey back. Going back up was definitely a lot easier. It seems like it always is easier to climb back up than down. After the hike there was someone who had fresh coconuts for us and it was so refreshing!


Third stop was Victoria Falls. This was not as difficult as Secret Beach but still difficult for someone like me who is so clumsy and short. It was basically climbing rocks a lot and walking over a lot of rocks. We had to cross the river four times. At one point the water gets so deep that you’re basically swimming across. Luckily it’s pretty shallow near the edge of a rock so I just followed that and with the help of a friend I was able to get across. There were some parts climbing up that was scary though since it’s slippery and there’s not much to hold on to. Being short was difficult and for the taller people, they could just jump or make one huge stride to cross rocks while I had to take so many more steps. When you finally reach the falls, it’s stunning. Views wise, this is by far the most impressive waterfall. It’s a huge one and very strong. I didn’t go in the water since it didn’t seem shallow and the waterfall is so strong there’s water splashing everywhere and I didn’t want to risk me not being able to see (I wear contacts so water irritates my eyes sometimes) and then falling and half drowning. On a random side note, as I write all this, I don’t even know how I survive everything – clumsy, can’t swim, can’t see if there’s too much water in my face…etc.


We also ate a very late lunch at Victoria Falls. We had homemade lemonade (which was soo yummy) and what they call a “one pot” dish. It was kind of like a stew or their version of curry with rice. It had yams and a bunch of other vegetables I cannot remember. But it was delicious!

We were supposed to go to Sari Sari Falls after but it was getting late and it’s not the best to hike in the dark. I Googled it the night before and it’s also supposed to involve climbing rocks. We were all pretty exhausted and okay with just going home after. On the way back we did stop by Islet View Restaurant which has a wall full of different kinds of rum. It seemed really cool. They gave us plantains with this garlic and spice dip. It was so good. The plantains were the plain ones not sweet so it literally tasted like fries and I love anything potatoes.

Photo Aug 29, 7 16 27 PM

Overall, it was such a great trip. I’m glad I went and I feel like after this break, I’ve really explored a large part of this island. It really is beautiful and I know if it weren’t for going to school here, I’ll never get the chance to admire its beauty. But also, I learned so much about myself in that I can accomplish these physical activities! I’m very proud of myself for surviving in the end. I think I’ve gotten over my fear of heights and am able to just get down and dirty after all these hikes. I’d say this was a nice way to end the fun parts of my break as now it’s time to just be a bum and also be productive by mediasiting and planning ahead for extracurricular activities.

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