Boiling Lake

Today we hiked Boiling Lake which is the second largest hot lake in the world. The hike was approximately 14 miles round trip and took about 9 hours to complete. Fresh water flows into the lake and it’s heated since it’s on an active volcano. The lake spans about 200-250 feet across and the water level changes since there has been two eruptions which made the water level fall. Since moving here, this was on my bucket list since this is very unique to Dominica. This country is also known as the nature island so it’s only fitting I had to hike this!

I’m not much of a hiker. I have a minor fear of heights but over the years I’m slowly getting over this fear and after today, it may be gone. I’m also one of the clumsiest people ever. And not to mention, I’m out of shape! This was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done that is both physically and mentally. I thought 1st semester was one of the most difficult things mentally but hiking Boiling Lake was a different kind of mental challenge. We had to walk through rivers, climb rocks using a thin rope or just grabbing tree branches and there were so many wooden steps. However, I’m so proud of myself for being able to accomplish this. It was so worth it. The scenery is beautiful when I’m able to look around and not at the ground all the time so I don’t loose my footing (like I said, I’m a klutz). I’m also happy I got to do it with some of my best friends on the island. We had a great group and we all helped each other out – okay maybe they helped me more than I was able to contribute :P. I’m just proud of myself that I got to get over the mentality of being scared and was able to just do it.

There’s an area that has a warm pool that you can climb down and sit in with a small waterfall. It was so nice to sit in it! We also noticed that things didn’t float much and they fell to the bottom rather quickly. Not exactly sure why that is. I think this was one of my favorite parts of the hike. Another favorite part of the hike was when we slowed down waiting for the other half of our group and we talked about our biggest accomplishments. I love great conversations and getting to know people so it was interesting to hear what people had to say. Two of us said being published and another said passing first semester.

Overall, it was super rigorous but amazing and worth it. So proud of us for surviving! I’m sure our bodies are going to hate us the next few days. I highly recommend this hike to anyone who can visit and is healthy. Below are some photos we took.


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